Politician Jokes About Smoking Crack At Church Event

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is the laughing stock of Canada (and pretty much the entire world). Apparently, when you’re as big of a screw up as he is, all you can do is join the throngs of people telling jokes at your expense.

Ford is determined to be re-elected in October, even after just finishing up a two-month stint in rehab. What better way to win back the hearts of Canadians than a good, old-fashioned crack cocaine joke?!

At his first mayoral debate yesterday, Ford vowed to have another ‘crack’ at nixing his city’s land transfer tax. This was met by resounding laughter by the audience. He went on to say:

“I have proven in the last 14 years in government that I’ve watched every single one of your tax dollars. I have created jobs, I have worked with youth, nobody’s worked with youth closer than I have … folks, my record speaks for itself. It’s a record of success, success, success.”

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Many would argue that his record is one riddled with scandals and drug abuse. Ford finally sought help after a video was made public of him smoking crack.

The debate, which was held inside of a church, was attended by mostly supporters of Ford who have remained loyal, even through countless scandals. Each time one of his opponents mentioned his drug use in an attempt to defame his character, they were met by loud opposition from the audience. In addition, each time Ford took the stage, he was applauded profusely. Many were dressed in ‘Ford Nation’ t-shirts.


One of Ford’s fellow mayoral candidates, Olivia Chow, pointed out that while Ford claims to have created jobs, one in five people in the area are unemployed. “Mr. Ford, your record is clear: one out of five young people cannot find a job. How is it that Scarborough is booming?”, she quipped.

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That’s a pretty staggering figure. Perhaps if Ford had spent less time hitting the crack pipe and more time doing his job, the unemployment rate would not be so horrendous.

Progressive Conservative candidate John Tory pointed out that two municipal renovations, of Union Station and Nathan Phillips Square, had run over budget:

“Project after project after project, on your watch, when you’re the mayor … We know what you were doing — it wasn’t managing the taxpayers’ money!”

Tory also said of Ford:

“He’s a laughing stock. People all over the world know who Rob Ford is, but they know it in a bad way.”

Ford has claimed that he cannot be entirely sure that he will never relapse and can make no absolute promises of future sobriety. Would you vote for a mayor like him? Tell us in the comments section!

H/T: MailOnline

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