New KKK Recruiting Tool: Kool Klan Kandy

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As the majority of Americans have begun to look past the exterior of the human body, it seems that some are still stuck in the times of bigotism. Perhaps none are more well known for judging those based on their outward appearances than the KKK, and it appears they have a new recruiting tool – free candy.

You can imagine the shock of one South Carolina community as they awoke to find countless bags with KKK literature as well as candy scattered across the neighborhood. With the pamphlets reading, “Save the Land, Join the Klan,” it appears members of the white supremacy organization tried to sweeten up readers with a bit of Kool Klan Kandy.

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One woman from the neighborhood who received one such package spoke with a local Fox affiliate but said she didn’t want her identity shared out of fear of retribution. According to the resident, “You shouldn’t have to wake up and fear that somebody might burn a cross in your yard or throw something like this out in your driveway with nothing but hurt in their intention.”

The Imperial Klaliff of the local KKK branch, Robert Jones, however explains that they are not a hateful group but rather seek to demonstrate pride in his race and fight against the degradation of America. Oddly enough, after discovering that some of the houses his group littered with the bags belonged to blacks and other minorities, Jones explained, “I mean, we can’t tell who lives in a house, whether they’re black, white, Mexican, gay, we can’t tell that, and if you were to look at somebody’s house like that, that means you’d be pretty much a racist.”

So what do you guys think – does could candy be the tipping point for KKK recruits? Let us know what you think of their new tactic in the comments below.

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