Black Conservatives OBLITERATE “Comedic” Liberal Video With Racial Implications

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Liberals sure do have a way about them – given their hypocritical stance on just about everything that somehow justifies them doing exactly which they condemn. So was recently proven the case when Sarah Silverman, along with a few other no-name comedians, who decided to put out a video extremely racist in nature.

The video was called “The Black NRA” and was about the NRA arming young black men – you know, all those criminals (or so they implied). Feel free to watch that below:

Needless to say, and as pretty much anyone would expect, Conservatives – both black and white – were peeved with Silverman’s implications. Take a peek at the first video to see a group of guys completely obliterate the blatant racism passed off as “comedy.”

If that’s not enough carnage for you guys, feel free to watch Colin Noir of the NRA have a go at the highly hypocritical clip below:

So what did you guys think – when will Liberals ever stop with the hypocrisy, or at least start thinking before opening their face holes? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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