Cop Pulls Over Fellow Officer: What Happens Next Will Shock You

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This shocking video shows two police officers in a brawl over a speeding ticket. According to The Blaze, Miami police officer Marcel Jackson saw a car speeding, and decided to pull over the vehicle. Unbeknownst to Jackson, the driver was Police Lt. David Ramras.

The video shows Jackson approaching the vehicle and talking to Ramras. Jackson says that Ramras tried to pull rank on him, and that wasn’t going to fly with the young officer. When the lieutenant tried to exit his vehicle, Jackson panicked.

“I’m like, ‘Yo, I don’t know who you are bro,’” Jackson said on the phone, possibly speaking with his supervisor. “You don’t jump out on me. I don’t care if you’re a lieutenant or whoever you are.”

As soon as Ramras exited his vehicle, Jackson pounces on him and starts a physical altercation. By the time other officers arrive, the pair have gone at each other for quite some time and Jackson has thrown Ramras to the ground.

Though Jackson claims he did not know Ramras was a cop when he pulled him over, his fellow officers are suspicious. Miami police cars do not have dash cams, so Jackson recorded the incident with his own video camera. It is unclear why he did this.

The incident is currently under investigation, but the officers are being given little to no punishment for the time being. Ramras has been transferred to another police station and Jackson has been suspended WITH pay.

Suspended with pay sounds like a pretty good deal to me, I guess assaulting a cop over a speeding ticket isn’t so bad after all!


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