Government Drops Busloads Of Illegals Off At Walmart With EBT Cards

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As the crisis at the border continues to rage on, Obama has apparently been mastering the art of misdirection – a trick often used by magicians – in order to sprinkle illegals throughout the country. Most recently caught on tape, a video proves that as Obama has you focus on the border, he’s been dumping illegal immigrants in your own back yard without you even knowing.

The video claims to show a busload of illegal aliens being dropped off at a local Walmart with freshly brandished EBT cards to do a little shopping. The camerawoman also describes that this isn’t the first busload, as those getting off had been waiting for about 20 minutes prior to the bus’s arrival.

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According to Mad World News:

Sylvia Locklear was on her lunch break Sunday afternoon around 1:30 p.m. when she noticed something strange happening in the parking lot of Walmart in Concord, NC – there was busloads of what appeared to be adult illegal immigrants being dropped off to shop for everything from food to pillows and blankets. Angered by her discovery, Sylvia decided she was going to investigate a little further, and what she found should outrage every American citizen.

In the video above, Sylvia can be heard talking to another person who presumably was curious about what was going on, so she explained to them that prior to taking the video she had tried to talk to the people on the bus. Not only could they barely speak English, but one of them had said they had just arrived in America.

Now, we here at Mr. Conservative have been reporting on Obama spreading illegals throughout the country as the Border States are literally bursting at the seams, but this is a new kind of outrageousness. Not only are we being forced to pay for these people being here, as Americans go without, instead of turning them back at the border, but now our hard-earned, mandated tax payer dollars are going to them so they can do a little shopping? Are you kidding?

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