Jesse Jackson Shocks the Nation with Controversial Statement About Obama

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Jesse Jackson is a race baiter – a tactic used in his pursuit of money – by any standards, and he arguably helped Obama get into the White House as well as has defended him from every act of “racism” perpetrated against the Commander-in-Chief. So when someone so loyal stops kissing his feet and stands up off the floor to speak out against him, it’s truly noteworthy.

During a recent interview on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren, Jackson declared that Obama is wrong for wanting to spend some $4 billion on foreign nationals illegally invading our country rather than spending that kind of money on the inner city families suffering here in America.

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Amidst the interview, he states:

“Let me say quickly, that I think getting support to those children in the humanitarian crisis is the moral and the right thing to do. Limited resources are very important. I think even Glenn Beck sending food and water and clothing is the right thing.

but there is also a crisis in Chicago, it’s not either or, it’s both and. We cannot turn our backs on those children there, nor here in Englewood. A thousand have been shot this year, two-hundred have been killed, several thousand last year. To me it seems we need a comprehensive plan here at home as well. “

Now, it should be noted here that Obama has neglected Americans like these for years on end, so why the rush to get them help now? Obama is using his own manufactured border crisis for political gain, and once again, his glorious plan in exploding in his face.

Instead of being seen as a compassionate man willing to help those in need, he’s turned his image into one more along the lines of complete incompetence. After all, if you can’t even protect your own country from invasion, then what good are you?

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