Retired General: Kick Obama Out Of White House NOW

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Many veterans feel as though the country which they put life and limb on the line for is being run into the ground by Obama and his cronies. The thought of this great land being ruined for their children and grandchildren is just too much to bear. Now, another retired member of the military is joining the ranks of veterans taking a stand against Obama.

Retired Lt. General William ‘Jerry’ Boykin is speaking out specifically about Benghazi and the VA scandal. He believes they are “the two most egregious violations of the trust of the American public”. As someone with a storied military career, to hear him speak about these topics, which he claims are both impeachable offenses, is particularly moving. He commented about Benghazi:

“If we will leave people behind on the battlefield and let them be overrun and killed by an enemy simply because it was politically inconvenient for us to respond to their calls for help, which is what I believe happened with all my heart. If we will do that, then the character of this nation is not the nation I grew up in and the nation I served for 36 ½ years. We have an obligation to people who serve this country, people serving our country.”

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He’s 100% right.

In a perfect example of just how screwed up the VA system is, Boykin referenced Bradley Manning. In case you missed it, Manning was able to get a sex change operation while incarcerated on the tax-payers’ dime. This while veterans were dying waiting for care.

We need to get behind people like Boykin. Show him your support in the comments section.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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