Megyn Kelly Causes National Outrage with Explosive Obama Comment

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As all the “hope and change” promises seem to be fading as many Americans initially thought them too good to be true, it seems that those who actually voted for Obama are now having a bit of buyer’s remorse. Although she never makes it clear if she actually did vote for Obama (although it’s highly unlikely) Megyn Kelly recently ripped into Obama’s past years saying, “this administration lied to us.”

As she started her segment by discussing how committed Obama voters actually were as they thought him to be a modern day messiah and the savior of our nation, she quickly explained that he has turned out to be anything but. In the midst of her interview, she hypothetically asked, “Is there anyone left to root for in Washington?  He (Obama) did not turn out to be the politician that so many thought he would be.”

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And she’s right. Obama has turned out to be nothing more than a man who wanted the money and power yet did nothing for the American people who got him into that position in the first place. Standing atop empty promises, this President has enjoyed the lavish spoils of the presidency without coming through for those hopeful of change.

Of course, despite Obama’s claims that there isn’t a “smidgeon” of corruption that occurred in his administration during his time of Presidency, not even the main stream media can ignore the almost countless illegalities committed by Obama and his goon squad. Instead however, they simply brush off those that condemn Obama as either racist or hateful politicians only trying to demonize the president for political gain.

What do you guys think – was America sold a lemon? Let us know in the comment below.

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