GOP Gets Revenge On IRS, Cuts $1.1 Billion In Funding

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The IRS, as we all know, was responsible for the unwarranted and malicious targeting of Tea Party groups in an attempt to intimidate them politically. As a response it has been the subject of much scrutiny leading all the way to the White House but that was apparently only the beginning of what the GOP had in mind.

As retribution for not only targeting right leaning organization, but for the years worth of painstaking efforts constantly dodged by the IRS using aggravating tactics, the GOP just voted to slash $1.1 Billion from their “tax enforcement budget.” In a serious “take that,” moment, the GOP hit the IRS exactly where the unconstitutional deeds, perpetrated by the biased agency, rooted from.

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The biggest cut in funding came from Rep. Bill Huizenga who explains:

The IRS has been targeting American taxpayers, as we’ve learned, for their political beliefs for the last four or five years. During this period, a culture of shading the truth was fostered and developed by directors and administrators throughout the IRS.

Now this culture within the IRS has grown to one of stonewalling, double-talk and mistrust. It’s up to Congress to use the power of the purse… to rein in the IRS and force them to conduct their analysis in an unbiased manner.

Now of course, this is merely drops in the bucket compared to their over $12 billion budget, but it will surely hit them where it hurts. Taking money from the portion of the organization that vigorously seeks out those that owe them money – especially to the sound of $1.1 billion – isn’t a mere slap on the wrist.

What do you guys think of this – was this adequate punishment for these Tea Party targeting actions (minus holding those in charge responsible)? Let us know what you think of this amazing victory in the comments below.

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