9-Yr-Old Hangs Himself After Being Bullied For Being White By Muslims

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The thought of “Islamophobia” seems to widespread these days despite the barbaric and uncivilized nature of the religion that so many refuse to find acceptable. Most recently, it seems that a few students belonging to the “religion of peace” bullied one student so bad that the 9-year-old eventually ended up hanging himself to death.

Aaron Dugmore’s death has been declared an, “absolute tragedy,” as the specialists told the courts that he was so young that he had no idea what the results of actions would result in. After being subjected to, “systematic bullying,” by Muslims attending his Birmingham school, his siblings found him hanging after he decided to take his life.

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Laws over in the UK are a bit different than here in the States as “tolerance” isn’t looked at as more of a suggestion as a requirement. As Muslims are generally given a free pass as Liberal minded folks try to force the Islamic agenda into society, it boils down to something a bit more than having been bullied for being white.

Of course, seeing how it would be quite damaging to the Muslim agenda to hear that a boy was bullied to death for not being Muslim would be detrimental, the UK authority seems to have covered up a slight, yet critical, fact in the case. We wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of those who praise Allah, now would we? So really, what difference does it make?

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