Dozens Of Disney World Employees BUSTED In Child Sex Sting Operation

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For the most of us, Disney World represents an amazing place where the luckiest of children get to visit ensuring the memories of a lifetime. The park however is starting to develop quite the reputation as it also creates an environment in which child sexual predators can flourish, and as it turns out, they are.

According to a recent investigative report, over 35 child sex predators have been arrested since 2006 whereas the latest sting operation yielded just over a dozen arrestees. Its well known that Disney World was made for children and in such, ensures their constant attendance.


Such a reality however has resulted in sexual deviants taking advantage of this fact in order to pursue their sick and deluded fantasies. Via a sting operation, similar to that used on the television show “To Catch a Predator,” police officers have been able to wrangle in a few perverts that were previously off the radar.

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As the predators had previously carried out sexual conversations, many of which including nude photos being sent to supposed children, they were finally offered the temptation to meet their victims in real life. Of course, as sick as they are, they obliged the invitation and showed up to the address given.

To their surprise, they were actually walking into a house full of police officers and cameras and that child, who so eagerly wanted to have sex, turned out to be just another police officer at on the computer.


Although the environment in which Disney has created that allows for its thriving business has allowed for predators to exercise their evil ways, they’re adamant they do everything in their power to prevent such disgusting and horrendous acts. After explaining that those arrested since 2006 only represent 0.01% of their staff, they say they put new employees through a rigorous background check system before hiring them on.

Many of the men most recently busted worked out there in the open, actually interacting with the children. Having been in positions such as, “a ticket seller, a concierge and a trainee tour guide,” the Mail Online also explains that one employee is, “accused of watching child porn at work while he wrote a church sermon.”

Take a peek at the photos below to get a glimpse of some of the world’s most heinous men:







Now of course, most of those busted in the act say that they were there to “help the children” and to ensure they “didn’t go through with having sex with an adult,” we all know better. To read a more in depth article on these men, and the petty excuses they’ve given in an attempt to justify their actions, feel free to read that here.

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In the mean time, after watching the above video report, let us know what you think of this in the comments below. Is there anything more Disney can do to furthermore deter these kinds of people from gaining employment with them?

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