California Billionaire Trying To Split California Into Six Smaller States

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You would think by now that given the current status of our nation that people would easily be able to open their eyes to the harmful effects of big government, but you’d think wrong. Apparently in an attempt to place even more government in place, one California billionaire says he has enough votes to put splitting the state into 6 smaller states on the ballot.

The idea comes from venture capitalist Tim Draper, 55, who made his living investing in companies such as Twitter, Hotmail, Skype and Tesla. So what would the purpose of splitting a state that’s been around for almost 200 years into 6 smaller states?


Well, according to Draper:

“It’s important because it will help us create a more responsive, more innovative and more local government, and that ultimately will end up being better for all of Californians.”

Oh great – as if government hasn’t had enough of an effect on California, they want to touch it up a bit with even more politicians. That ought to fix their problems. According to the proposed idea, the state would divide into 6 smaller states called Jefferson, Silicon Valley, North California, South California, West California and Central California.

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Not everyone is so ecstatic about the idea however as Democratic political strategist Steven Maviglio says, “This is a colossal and divisive waste of time, energy, and money that will hurt the California brand. It has zero chance of passage. But what it does is scare investment away… at a time when the Governor is leading us to an economic comeback.”

Riiiiight – because California is right on the brink of a comeback.

Anyways, what do you guys think of Draper’s plan? Is this a terrible idea or does this actually find a way to remedy the population of California that feels underrepresented? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.


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