Russell Brand Deems O’Reilly A “Nazi”, Gives Him “Sieg Heil” Salute

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There is quite the difference in governing systems between England and the United States, so when British celebrities such as Piers Morgan put in their two cents, we pay it little mind. Most recently however, it seems that yet another celeb from the UK has come forward with his own completely ridiculous claims.

In a video released by himself, Comedian Russell Brand outwardly called Conservative television host Bill O’Reilly a “Nazi” and even gave him the “sieg heil” salute.

His most recent action comes on the heels of his break down last month where he referred to Fox News as a, “fanatical religious terrorist organization.” That being said, I think we can all see where he stands when it comes to Fox, but if it wasn’t clear, his most recent 10 min video will make it exponentially clearer.

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After watching a video on what O’Reilly says he would do to combat the influx of illegal immigrants, Brand notes that, “Bill has gone too far. This is the day when Bill starts using, literally, Nazi policies on Fox News. That’s Kristallnacht stuff.”

According to Mediaite:

When O’Reilly proposed that those who fail to register should go to “special prisons,” Brand said, “He’s moving dangerously close to concentration camps.” He said that one could suggest a bunch of Nazi policies to O’Reilly and “as long as you didn’t say the word Nazi, he’d go, ‘That’s brilliant!’”

It isn’t until the end of the video though that Brand gives O’Reilly the notorious “sieg heil” salute solidifying his “intolerant” views he so strongly advocates for. What do you guys think of this? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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