Vegas Prostitute Starts Charity ‘Hookers For Jesus’

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46-year-old Annie Lobart was a Sin City prostitute for 16 years. During that time, she experienced some devastating lows. She was repeatedly abused and had numerous abortions. But since those darker years, Lobart has turned her life around and even started a Christian charity called ‘Hookers For Jesus’.


After a drug overdose nearly killed her in 2003, Lobart had a real life ‘come to Jesus’ moment and turned her life over to the Lord. Hookers For Jesus seeks to help sex workers who need a safe haven as they leave the industry behind for a more healthy lifestyle.


Lobart didn’t start out her life in the fast lane, in fact, she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 18 and was a self-proclaimed ‘goodie two shoes’. But she started dating a man who later revealed himself to be a pimp and introduced her to the temptations of endless supplies of cash and gifts. As an impressionable young girl, she found those things too hard to turn down and was quickly sucked into the dark world of the sex industry.


Lobart says she never enjoyed her work:

“Sex for money is not pleasurable, it is not fun, us girls do not enjoy it. In fact there were many times I just wanted to hurt the man that was touching me.”

Most people can’t even begin to image living the lifestyle Lobart did. It’s a miracle that she even survived. Hearing what she went through on a daily basis will make your jaw drop:

“I was beaten, raped, kidnapped, strangled, suffocated, guns put in my mouth, hair cut off, tied up, gagged, put in trunks of cars, bones broken, spit on, kicked, pushed, stalked by crazy men.”

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Eventually, it was a former client who helped her escape the life she was living. After being diagnosed with cancer, Lobart says Jesus came to her in a dream. She had flirted with the idea of Christianity in the past. She describes the moment she knew that she would turn her life over to God:

“When I chose to fully believe that He died in place of me for my sins, it literally blew me away. Jesus came into my heart…and He literally took my life back from the devil.”

Now, Lobart’s life has come full circle. She is married to a man named Oz Fox who is the lead musician in a heavy metal band, she runs her non profit, and is writing a book. She could never have done any of this if she hadn’t found God on that fateful day after nearly overdosing.


What do you think of Annie Lobart’s story? Most people never experience a fraction of the hardship she has seen in her life. Give us your thoughts in the comments section.

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