Hairy Legs Club Taking Off Thanks To Joining Liberal Women

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Well ladies and gentlemen, the feminist Liberal women of the world are at it again, although they’re still claiming “if men can do it, so can we.” Apparently in an effort to prove just that, a new movement called the “Hairy Legs Club” is taking off and boy is it horrendous.

It actually takes zero effort to join as women are required to do actually less than they normally would throughout their daily lives. Only one rule applies – no shaving or waxing – and simple, anonymous hairy leg photos are required to be posted on the site.

According to the feminism activist site, “This blog is dedicated to females with very hairy legs. Let our legs be the champions!” Surprisingly however, with countless Liberals joining the party, the movement is gaining speed as participants are claiming, “I’m so glad I don’t feel ashamed of my natural body hair anymore!”

Take a peek below at some of the beastly pics:













Now I have to admit, I’m all for the empowerment of women as they should never be told that they can’t do anything that a man can, but aren’t certain things given as more “lady like”? What do you guys think of this trend? Let us know in the comments below.

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