DHS Trashes Couple’s Home, Strips Woman NAKED At Gunpoint

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Obama’s Department of Homeland Security raided an innocent couple’s home under the cover of darkness in the middle of the night. The unsuspecting couple had their humble abode completely trashed, but that’s not even the worst of it.

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Kari Edwards once worked for the DHS. But on the night of June 10th, her former colleagues smashed down her door and threw in flash bang grenades. Edwards and her live-in boyfriend had just gotten out of the shower. She described the horrifying ordeal:

“They busted in like I was a terrorist or something. [An officer] demanded that I drop the towel I was covering my naked body with before snatching it off me physically and throwing me to the ground. While I lay naked, I was cuffed so tightly I could not feel my hands. For no reason, at gunpoint. [Agents] refused to cover me, no matter how many times I asked. I have never been in any trouble before. Haven’t even had a traffic ticket in over ten years.”


After two hours of this torture, Edwards was finally given a warrant for the search of her computers and electronics. She was not, however, given any reason for why the agents were even there in the first place.

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Edwards has surveillance cameras on her home, which captured some of what happened that night, but when the agents became aware of the cameras, they turned them to face the wall. The fact that they made sure not to be captured on tape is all the more unsettling.

In this great country, we are guaranteed certain civil liberties. One of these is the presumption of innocence until being proven guilty in a court of law. Another is freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. But in Obama’s America, all of this has gone out the window.


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