Liberals Ask 20 Strangers To Strip Naked & Climb Into Bed Together

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You may remember the video that went viral of strangers who had just met being asked to kiss each other. Well, director Tatia Pilieva is back with something even more taboo. This time, she’s asked 20 people to undress each other and climb into bed.

The video, titled “Undress Me”, is a promo for Showtime’s Masters Of Sex. Just a forewarning, it’s painfully awkward.

The problem with the liberal community and their never-ending quest to plaster sex all over the airwaves, is that it creates a hellish snowball effect. First, they bring you 20 strangers kissing, then 20 strangers stripping, what’s next? As a society, we start to crave the next best thing like addicts. Pretty soon, what used to be taboo is commonplace and our community as a whole is degraded.

Would you be game to participate in an experiment like this one? Let us know in the comments section!

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