Bystanders Take Down Thug Attempting To Carjack Young Mother

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This video shows a thug trying to carjack a young mother and her child. He thinks he’s going to get away with it, but the punk doesn’t count on a group of Good Samaritans intervening…

According to The Blaze,¬†bystanders caught sight of 21 year old Ismael Hernandez entering the vehicle of a mother and her young daughter with a gun.¬†Hernandez had successfully taken over the driver’s seat and was preparing to drive off when the group of men came together to stop him.

The video begins with the bystanders pulling Hernandez out of the window. Eventually, they drag him out of the car and beat him to the ground. The thug tries to fight back, but he is no match for the growing number of men fighting for justice in the parking lot.

Finally, police show up, but Hernandez isn’t ready to give up! He continues to resist arrest, at which point the group of bystanders intervene again. When Police can’t get the thug to put his hands behind his back, a civilian jumps up and yells, “Put your hands behind your f***ing back!”

Hernandez was taken into custody, and the mother and her daughter were uninjured thanks to the group of brave bystanders.

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