The Private Meeting Between Rand Paul and Mark Zuckerberg

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Rand Paul recently had a sit down with Facebook’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg leading to much speculation regarding the two’s interaction. Although some thought a conversation regarding the NSA’s snooping program and Facebook sharing data, others are speculating that the conversation could have circulated around immigration.

The “private sit-downs,” reportedly occurred in Sun Valley, Idaho where a technology conference that both were attending was taking place. Apparently Zuckerberg has been trying to shuffle money in the direction of anyone who would listen in order to persuade them, “to pass comprehensive amnesty legislation that would include an increase in the number of high-tech visas,” according to Breitbart.

Now cheaper labor is always coveted by business, and when you have as many employees as Zuckerberg does, that which can be saved is multiplied exponentially. Being that as it may, it’s unclear on why American companies wish to hire foreign nationals rather than the countless Americans either looking for work in their studied fields or looking for work entirely.

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According to an investigation run by the Congressional Budget Office doing so would contribute significantly to the reduction in American wages. Furthermore, despite claims for those advocating for the high-tech work visas of illegal immigrants, there isn’t a need to a larger potential employee pool as we have enough qualified Americans ready to work in their prospective areas.

Despite Cantor recently being ousted after backing those that wish to reward those that break our nation’s laws with citizenship, Paul seems to be trying to sway a few Democratic votes his way as well. As he’s previously noted, he highly desires a form of legislation to be passed that would allow for an increase in the amount of high-tech visas being granted to illegals.

He furthermore noted that the only reason he voted against the Senate’s comprehensive amnesty bill is because it didn’t “award enough high-tech visas.” So what do you guys think – is there any real need for such a notion when unemployed Americans could more than fulfill the need for such workers or is Paul just trying to get as many votes as he prepares for the upcoming 2016 race for president? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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