Pope Francis: 1 In 50 Clergymen Is A Pedophile

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Journalist Eugenio Scalfari is a noted atheist who has been granted the opportunity for a series of interviews with Pope Francis. The current Pope has been regarded by the entire world for his efforts to reach out to all people from different religions and walks of life, so his willingness to have Scalfari interview him isn’t entirely surprising. What does come as a bit of a shock, is what Pope Francis admitted to him.

In the interview published Sunday, Pope Francis admitted, “the level of pedophilia in the Church is at two percent.” This would make one in every fifty clerics a pedophile. That figure represents around 8,000 priests, bishops and cardinals, out of a global number of about 414,000, according to the latest statistics from the Vatican.

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Francis commented, “There definitely is a problem but it is not a major one. This needs time but there are solutions and I will find them.”

The Catholic Church has been wrestling with the idea of allowing priests to marry for some time now. Pope Francis hinted that this idea may become a reality sooner than later. Strictly traditional Catholics believe that priests should remain celibate because their sole focus should be serving the Lord. However, many believe that if clergymen were allowed to marry, there would be far less reports of sexual abuse within the church.

The Vatican is claiming that not all of the information Pope Francis provided in his off-the-cuff statements is 100% true.

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