Drivers Shocked As Gurney With Dead Body Glides Through Busy Street

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As if rush hour traffic isn’t bad enough on a Friday afternoon, some drivers got the shock of their life while going home for the weekend. While trying to make their way through the busy streets, commuters suddenly found themselves having to evade a gurney, with a dead body strapped to the top, that had made its way onto the road.

The incident occurred in Feasterville, Pennsylvania last Friday afternoon where a coroners van door reportedly malfunctioned and released the corpse out the back end of the vehicle. According to the Bucks County Coroner’s Office, the driver realized immediately what had happened and had the corpse off the road within minutes.+


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Before he was able to do that however, one fellow driver was able to whip out his phone and snap a photo of the gurney, with body wrapped in a white sheet, just lying on the road surrounded by cars. The office has since released conveying the incident is one in which it, “deeply regrets.”

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