Police Officers Faking 911 Calls To Search Homes Without A Warrant

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It really shouldn’t be a shock to watch as the rest of American society follows suit of Obama’s legal and constitutional overstep, but local police officers have taken illegality to a whole new level. According to a recent report, police officers have been found faking 911 calls in order to warrantlessly gain entry into people’s homes to complete a search.

News of the highly unconstitutional act comes from Durham, NC where Before It’s News reports, “The tactic is apparently legal — and commonplace — according to an officer’s sworn statements.” According to the same officer’s testimony, after realizing the painstaking process of obtaining a warrant of known guilty criminals, they simply took to knocking on doors and explaining that they had a hang- up 911 call.

This apparently allows officers the legal authority – if the hang up 911 call was legitimate – the right to investigate in order to ensure those within the residence’s safety. Of course, discovering that such a method could easily be used for more devious means, the officers started doing just that.

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According to the Chief of Police, Jose L. Lopez, Sr.:

It has recently been brought to my attention that some officers have informed citizens that there has been a 911 hang-up call from their residence in order to obtain consent to enter for the actual purpose of looking for wanted persons on outstanding warrants. Effective immediately no officer will inform a citizen that there has been any call to the emergency communications center, including a hang-up call, when there in fact has been no such call.

Lopez has since explained that the actions taken by his officers were, in no way, deemed acceptable by superior officers nor will they happen in the future. As we often see officers hide their illegal actions behind their shields, it’s refreshing to see a police chief reject the actions of his subordinate officers.

However, seeing how he is ultimately responsible for the officer’s actions that he leads, must he still harbor some of the consequence? Let us know your thoughts on this whole ordeal in the comments below.

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