Watch Obama Tell An Illegal Immigrant “I’m On Your Side”

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As if Obama hasn’t made it clear how he really feels about the massive influx of illegal aliens, he’s most recently come forward, and outright said it. During a speech in which he was whining about those pesky Republican’s still resistant on giving him his own way, he was heckled by an illegal immigrant protester in which Obama stated, “I’m on your side.”

The heckler started speaking over Obama when the topic of immigration reform was brought up as obviously those here illegally would love to be gifted with citizenship for breaking our nation’s laws. According to Top Right News:

At one speech, Obama was interrupted by illegal alien protesters when he mentioned immigration reform.

What he said to those protesters — who he met with personally afterwards, was priceless, telling him he was on their side. No kidding, Mr. President. We couldn’t tell!

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As the border crisis has been indicative of many things, it appears that one certain belief of the president has been made exponentially more clear – all he cares about is himself and the guaranteed survival of the Democratic party, no matter the costs. Instead of defending our nation from foreign invaders, Obama would rather spend billions of tax payer dollars, we don’t have, to house and feed people that don’t belong here just to strengthen the Democratic voting pools.

What do you guys think of this – how disgusting is what Obama just said to you personally? Let us know in the comments below.

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