Massachusetts Police Department Has Grenade Launchers

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In the latest development to the saga of police militarization in the United States, a Massachusetts police department has been found to have two M-79 grenade launchers. You may be asking yourself why local police would need these surplus military weapons, and the answer to that burning question is – drumroll, please – they don’t need them. The only use for these incredibly destructive weapons would be for the government to force innocent citizens into giving up their rights.

The Springfield, MA police department argues that they need the grenade launchers so that they can be prepared for any and all situations which may arise. However, it’s hard to believe that they would ever need to cause a large explosion. If such a thing was absolutely necessary, local police should not be the ones to carry it out.

The problem with police becoming more and more militarized is the fact that at the same time, the government is trying to take away any means of the American public to protect themselves. Does this latest report of police departments harboring grenade launchers worry you? Let us know in the comments section!

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