Man Finds FBI Tracker Under Car, Posts Pic Online, Visited By FBI Who Demands It Back

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Although the current administration would love to have you think that there is absolutely no way law enforcement personnel would racial profiling anyone – because after all, that’d just be intolerant – that doesn’t seem to be the case. Apparently, a half-Egyptian man was being tracked by the FBI, and when he found the device and posted a pic of it to reddit, they came back to snatch it back.

It all started when Yasir Afifi took his car in for an oil change and discovered that there was an odd device planted underneath his car. After replacing the device, he posted a pic to the photo sharing site called reddit in which he asked what it was fearing that it could be a bomb.

Needless to say, just a few days later, he was able to identify the device as a tracker as the FBI showed up at his front door asking for it back. Apparently, they saw his posts online and decided to demand the equipment back, but when arriving explained that if Afifi did not return it, they would be making his life a living hell.

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Despite giving it his all to discover why the FBI was tracking him, Afifi wasn’t given much information beside the fact that it was an “open and ongoing investigation,” and that the agents could not discuss it. He was able to discern however that they had been tracking him for the past six months for the undisclosed reason.

Brian Alseth from the American Civil Liberties Union shared with, “It seems very frightening that the FBI have placed a surveillance-tracking device on the car of a 20-year-old American citizen who has done nothing more than being half-Egyptian.”

So what do you guys think – when busted like this is the FBI mandated to present a warrant or does an “investigation” give them free reign to do as they please? Let us know what you think of this whole ordeal in the comments below.

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