State Votes To FULLY Nullify Obama’s Policies

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As the American people continue to gradually grow more upset regarding Obama’s constant Constitutional overstep, it seems that the overall attitude has made it just about impossible for elected officials to ignore. In an effort to remedy the root problem of the commotion – ahem, Obama – certain states are seeking to go around Obama just as he promises to go around Congress.

Most recently, Arizona has announced that they will soon be voting on whether or not to completely nullify Obama’s policies. The idea of nullification however isn’t being considered by only Arizona as other states seek to squeeze out from Obama’s thumbs by any means necessary.

As Arizona leads the way in the nullification process, with other states following suit in terms of gun control and NSA snooping, they’ve also already declared that they would like an all-out convention of the states as well. Their newest efforts, should they be passed, would allow the state to automatically nullify any policy put forth by Obama, or any other future president, that the state individually deems unconstitutional or unlawful.

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According to The New American:

This constitutional amendment provides a mechanism for the state to recognize a specific federal regulation or law to be an overreach of federal powers. This could be initiated by a 1) ballot measure or 2) vote of the legislature and governor. Upon this determination, the state would withhold state financial resources and personnel from enforcement of such federal action. The federal government would be free to enforce the action with its own personnel (and money) and the state may still pursue relief from the court system.

Furthermore, the Tenth Amendment Center details that, “If passed, the state constitutional amendment would make the feds enforce, enact and pay for its unconstitutional actions and programs on their own.”

So what do you guys think – could this be the start of a successful movement to block the unlawful overreach of Obama entirely? Let us know your thoughts on what Arizona is trying to do in the comments below.

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