Middle School Kids Suspended For ‘Acts Of Terrorism’

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A group of Georgia middle school students have been suspended for ‘acts of terrorism’. What heinous crimes did these youngsters commit? They plotted to violate the school dress code. Gasp!

With the help of social media, several Appalachia area students got together and decided to cause a bit of mischief, because that’s what 13-year-olds do. “Everything they say we can’t wear, wear it,” one student said. Another posted, “we need the hallways packed and out of control.”

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Would this be bothersome and annoying to the school staff? Yes. But these children have been branded with the same label as radicals who behead women and children. All in all, the principle of Cowan Road Middle School suspended 24 students. As expected, their parents were outraged.

Christopher Cagle is the father of an honor roll student who was suspended. He said, “To me it was just a bunch of 13-year-olds acting crazy.” He thinks the principle “was too swift and severe with the punishment.” Clearly.

The principle has refused to make a comment on the matter.

Sadly, in Obama’s America, high-ranking Taliban extremists are granted freedom while innocent young children are branded as terrorists.

H/T: Free Patriot

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