Armed Federal Agents Terrorize Town In Unannounced Show of Force

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The writers here at Mr. Conservative have been reporting for several months now that the government is clearly preparing themselves for either civil unrest or an uprising. Although it was unknown at the time, the Department of Homeland Security, as well as other armed federal agents terrorized a small town in what seems to have been an unannounced show of force.

The incident occurred in Livingston, IL – a small little town with a population of about 850 people – where Blackhawk helicopters and MRAP (armored) vehicles swarmed in and parked on the school grounds. Needless to say, the town’s residents were taken back at the time as their obnoxious, and arguably blatant, show of force was explained to be unannounced.


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Reportedly, “agents from Homeland Security, the US Customs and Border Patrol and local police agencies,” all converged on the town and set up a temporary base of operations on the local grade school ball fields. During that time, one resident explains that, “When all the armored trucks started showing up and everything it made me kind of nervous.”

Since that time, local news outlets haven’t been able to identify the root cause for the event and are still considering the occurrence a “mystery.” Although it’s merely speculation, it’s quite clear to see that this was a practice response to a hypothetical event in which civil unrest was present.


As the government continues to make it increasingly prevalent that they’re ready to take on the American people, demonstrations like this can only be seen as an act of intimidation. What do you guys think of this – is there any reason federal agencies would have a need to terrorize a small town like this? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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