Obnoxious Welfare Mom Brags About Free Money And Why She’ll Never Work

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As Liberal ideology continues to infect the world, it seems that some have become so brazen and careless regarding their appearance, they’ve taken to bragging about the “free” money they get from welfare. This just happens to be the case for Katerina Sisarova who explains that life is “very nice” for her 11 children and 11 grandchildren now that they receive tax payer dollars.

Sisarova is currently taking advantage of the generous programs available to the citizens of the UK after moving there from Slovakia. She reportedly found it very difficult to live and enjoy life not having a job, but know that she get’s the welfare benefits of a foreign government, well, now life’s grand.


Proving her lackadaisical and freeloading mindset, Sisarova notes that she’s worked one single month throughout the past 7 years and now that she get’s free money, she’s never going back. ‘We have a good life here,” Sisarova says. “We have everything that we want here. We didn’t have flats like this [council house] in Slovakia. We didn’t have electricity or radiators. We didn’t have anything – anything!”

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Furthermore, her husband adds, “My country no have job, no food… nothing,’ adds her husband. ‘No. I’m not going back – no, not ever. I like it here in England.” And who wouldn’t? All the luxuries of life without having to work for it – who could argue with that?

Sisarova and her family rake in a reported 24,000 pounds annually to which she replies, “England give me house, give me doctor, school, benefit. England good. Thank you so much England. Thank you very much.”


However, it seems that governments are finally getting fed up with free loading scum like this as “the job centre” has threatened to cut off her benefits because she isn’t actively looking for work. Of course, given the already established entitlement mentality, she just about blew a fuse after learning the news.

“It’s not fair to suspend money like this. Is it right to do that? No! Every time I go to sign on, they come up with something… all the time. I am so cross! So cross!”

Oh boo-hoo.

What do you guys think of this nonsense? Should this kind of behavior be allowed to continue unchecked? Let us know your thoughts on a proper solution in the comments below.

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