Lady Drives Mercedes To Pick Up Food Stamps, Chaos Ensues

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In 2008, Darlena Cunha’s husband was earning $120,000 a year and the family was living in an affluent suburb. They owned a home worth $250,000 and had twins on the way. Life was good.

But then the market crashed and the couple’s income dropped to $25,000 a year. They signed up for WIC to help support their babies. It’s what they didn’t do that has people outraged.

You see, Cunha is still driving around in the 2003 Mercedes that she didn’t sell in order to support her family. Why do that when it’s so easy to take a government handout?

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Thousands of people have taken to the internet to voice their scorn after hearing Cunha’s story. One anonymous commenter responded:

“This story bothers me on multiple levels. For one, it is obivious that the mercedes should have been sold and a cheaper more reliable car should have been bought. If this was done there would be more money to spend elsewhere (where its actually needed). Lets be honest though, we all know why she didnt sell the Benz, its because she was trying to hide behind it, its clear she has always tried to put up some sort of facade for her life. She clearly likens to the status symbols and not pure logic. God forbid she be seen in a 98 Honda.”

Another person had some harsh words for Cunha as well:

“Let’s use math. Your car retailed for about 30k, 4 years later, when you needed the money you could have sold the mercedes, bought a reliable “non-luxary” car for 5k or less and had at least 15k left… or 6-10 months of your income… LOL, at least you kept your “pride” … I mean… Mercedes….”

Even after all the criticism, Cunha has yet to sell her Mercedes. Would you sell your luxury vehicle before standing in the welfare line? Let us know in the comments section!

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