Smug Obama Mocks Republican Calls For Impeachment: “Really, For What?”

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We all know that Obama views himself as pretty much untouchable, and given Congress’s approval rating of 6%, I think it’s clear why. However, in a brazen act of defiance, he recently took to addressing the public in a show of lawlessness saying that there’s nothing he can be impeached for.

The smug (and way too comfortable) Commander-in-Chief began by ripping into Republicans saying they were, “using taxpayer dollars,” to simply sue him for doing his job. He then proceeded to laugh off former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin’s call for impeachment as well.

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“You hear some of them, sue him, impeach him. Really? For what?”

Despite there being an extremely long list of impeachable offenses, he does seem remarkably calm in all of this. It seems that Congress’s 6% approval rating is shared by even Obama himself as they’ve proven too scared to defy Obama regardless of his constitutional overreach and general lawlessness.

What do you guys think – how bad does Obama’s smug attitude bug you? Let us know in the comments below.

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