Report Claims That The CDC And HHS Planning For Mass American Casualties

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Given the surprising rise in tin foil hat brigade participants, a claim saying that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Health And Human Services (HHS) have been readying themselves for mass American causalities for several years is really not a shock. In combination however loosening border security and drastic influx of disease ridden illegals, one report claims it was all part of the plan.

The original reporting comes from the D.C. Clothesline where author Dave Hodges, claims that both the CDC and the HHS has been working in collaboration with one another on how to handle a crisis of epic proportions that resulted in the loss of American life. Hodges goes through step by step and explains exactly what they’re prepared for and how the current border crisis could turn out to be the mass fatality event.

Explaining that Obama, and his goon squad, have already been exposed as complicit in the willing and blatant cover-up the condition of those crossing our border illegally. As it stands, lice, albeit running rampant throughout communities housing illegals, doesn’t seem to be the worst of the issues dealt with.

According to several reports, not just Hodges’, scabies has been reported and is known to be highly contagious. What isn’t reported, and is pointed out by Hodges is that through lice and scabies, other infectious diseases can be obtained and lead to death and the spreading to others at an even higher unprecedented rate.

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Furthermore, Hodges reports that the CDC and HHS has been preparing for quite some time for something in this nature dating back at least five years. Preparing how to deal both on a local and authoritative level, plans to keep not only the peace, but the compliance, has already been outlined.

Now, you can see that Hodges is a bit of a conspiracy nut here as in his article he points to the CDC leasing land to store coffin liners – or mass coffins as they like to refer to them. Either way, there are some things that should be pointed out, the first of which being that a response to a deadly disease and American’s preparedness of it falls directly on the shoulders of the CDC and HHS.

I mean really – should America have to wait for a crisis to appear before we begin addressing it or wouldn’t a pre-thought out plan exponentially help response times, and in such, the saving of lives. For more information on why Hodges thinks this could be a government orchestrated conspiracy, take a peek here for his in-depth article.

Don’t let us be the judge for you though, what do you guys think – government conspiracy or responsible planning mixed with coincidental timing? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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