The Newest Barf-Worthy Way Colleges Are Going All Out To Accommodate Transgenders

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In a move that has the liberal community doing a collective standing ovation, Illinois State University has changed the name of their “family” restrooms to “all-gender” restrooms to accommodate transgendered students. The signs depicting these restrooms will include a female figure, a male figure, and a figure which is half-male and half-female. Am I the only one who finds this symbol of a transgendered person absolutely hysterical?


According to Michael Shane McCreery, ISU’s Director and Ethics Officer in the Office of Equal Opportunity Ethics and Access, this laughable half-male and half-female figure is the “new international accessibility symbol for transgenders.” So this is what the world is coming to. We now must have a ridiculous symbol to tell transgenders that it’s OK to use the bathroom.

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If you’re looking for a place to lay the blame for this blatant display of unnecessary liberal BS, look no further than McCreery himself. He took it upon himself to mandate these new facilities even though not one student or faculty member at ISU has ever complained or expressed a need for them. He rationalized his decision by stating:

“This is a situation where I thought we could be proactive and make this change. You could say it’s an all-human restroom.”

Barf. Let us know what you think of these ridiculous “all-human” restrooms in the comments section!

H/T: Campus Reform

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