Obama Already Registering Newly Arrived Illegal Aliens As Democrats

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The conniving Left is at it again, this time taking advantage of the self-created border crisis. Just as the Right has expected all along, in an attempt to color the voting demographic a bit more blue, Democrats have taken to registering illegal aliens as Democrats as soon as they cross the border.

Republicans have been saying all along that Democrats haven’t done a single thing to combat against the incredible influx of illegal aliens crossing the border for one reason and one reason alone – because it benefits them. Come to find out, not only does it naturally benefit them, Democrats are brainwashing illegal aliens right as they cross the border.

Apparently after being shuffled to a tax payer funded FEMA camp where they’re housed, fed and medically treated, Democrats have gone down to accustom the new arrivals to their American lives. Comparable to the “Motor Voter” program where teens are urged to register to vote when they get their driving licenses, Democrats are urging illegals to register before leaving with their court date notification.

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Apparently, they’ve even come prepared with a slideshow presentation showing how gracious and generous the Democratic party is and just how dastardly those anti-immigrations Republicans are. Of course, they subsequently show this right before asking the illegals with which party they’d like to register.

Furthermore propaganda can be seen within the camps as those who registered Democrat were blessed with an “Obama – Yes We Can” pin that was attached to their tattered clothing. Also, the papers plates given to illegals to eat their food off of, coincidentally had printed on there, Obama’s mug just smiling away.

What do you guys have to think of this – how ridiculous is this news? Should we be shocked that Obama is yet again doing something illegal in order to obtain illegal votes? It’s like an illegal clusterf—well, you know.

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