Judge Rules Incest No Longer Taboo

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An Australian Judge has recently found himself under fire after making the bold statement declaring that consensual adult sex between siblings is no longer taboo.

The ridiculous claims come from Judge Garry Neilson who also likened incest to homosexual relations that were also once regarded as “unnatural” and illegal. He furthermore added that the only reason it should be considered heinous is due to the fact that it could result in birth abnormalities, but there is contraceptives to ensure that doesn’t happen.

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Neilson reportedly made the comments during a case where a young boy was being charged with the rape of his sister in which he conveyed that the negative rationale regarding incest has become increasingly irrelevant.

What do you guys think of this – why would a judge even think this let alone declare it in a court of law? Let us know how disgusted you are in the comments below.

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