Obama’s America: Police Allow Muslims To Attack Peaceful Pro-Israel Demonstrators

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It seems that the demands for “tolerance” from the left has been answered regarding the “religion of peace” as they were recently recorded conducting illegal behavior that would have seen anyone else complicit in the act arrested.

Caught on camera were several Muslim protesters openly harassing, verbally attacking and even threatening the lives of pro-Israel demonstrators – all while being observed by police. In fact, the night before, San Francisco police had been advised of the situation and were ordered to keep the two groups separate.

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Unfortunately, the police department only sent out a few officers to handle the situation which proved inadequate and even prompted the peaceful demonstrators to call 911 in a plea for additional support. They were eventually able to separate the two groups and place barriers up to aid in the effort, but police seemed more focused on those who were peacefully demonstrating.

Executive Director of Zionist Organization of America West, Sam Levine, detailed, “One of the pro-Israel demonstrators asked a police officer, ‘Officer, these guys are openly threatening us. You’re not going to say anything about it?’” As seen in the footage, they seemed to care about nothing more than keeping the two groups separated.

What did you guys think of this – if it was the other way around, would police have been ordered to remain so composed? Let us know in the comments below.

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