Twerking Middle School Teacher Gets Lap Dance Then Suspension

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Yet another female teacher has nominated herself for teacher of the year award after not only teaching her students how to twerk, but receiving a lap dance from one of them as well. For her actions, she was initially hit with a 15 day suspension, but after parent’s outrage over the wrist slap, they upped it to a year.

The obnoxious teacher is Kernan Middle School gym teacher and soccer coach Courtney Spruill, and the incident occurred during an after-hours party at a student’s parent’s home. Although the occurrence wasn’t reported until much later, after being brought up by one of the attending children, it happened back in May.


After an investigation of the matter took place, the school district learned that Spruill, “drank alcohol and twerked all over a bunch of players. She also taught students some twerking moves,” according to The Daily Mail.

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Furthermore the news outlet reports:

“An unnamed student gave Spruill a lap dance lasting between three and four minutes, which a student filmed on a cell phone.

After consuming alcohol and having a blast at the party, the report states, Spruill gave someone a ride home and nearly drove off the road.”

The report written up after discovering Spruill’s actions detailed that she demonstrated a, “gross exercise of poor judgment,” which eventually resulted in her suspension. What do you guys have to think about this – do incidents of this nature seem to be more frequent these days? Why do you think this is? Let us know in the comments below.

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