LISTEN: HuffPo “Senior” Reporter EMBARRASSED On Air With Well Known Facts

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Perhaps one of the most well known left leaning media outlets here in America is Huffington Post and they just recently got it handed to them after being obliterated on air for pushing nonsense. Leave it to a Liberal to spew half baked truths in order to push political propaganda.

Now trust me, ignorance isn’t a partisan issue as I have demonstrated it myself on multiple occasions, but when someone starts spouting off like they know the facts and gets put in their place – well, who doesn’t like that (especially when it’s a Liberal)?

The incident occurred on Hugh Hewitt’s show where Huffington Post’s “senior political economy reporter” Zach Carter was invited on to speak about a few things including Iraq. While Carter was carrying on about just how wrong Dick Cheney got it when it came to Iraq, Hewit quickly interrupted him and turned the tables.

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Now of course, in politics (despite news supposed to be biased on the matter), anything that can be done to portray the other side of the aisle is acceptable and only goes to further your own party. That being said, given that Cheney was a Republican, Hewitt asked Carter about the time that good ol’ Democrat Bill Clinton bombed Iraq resulting in the a silence where one would expect to hear crickets.

WHAT?!?! You mean that America had an issue with Iraq before that oil grubbing redneck stepped into office?

That’s right – back in ’98, Clinton ordered the bombing of Iraq as a consequence of not complying with the U.N.’s inspection protocols on chemical and biological weapons. Furthermore, Clinton later signed the Iraq Liberation Act, which – spoiler alert, here comes another bombshell – called for an immediate regime change.

As it turns out, it seems that Democrats have just as much a problem that those dastardly, war loving Republicans do. Feel free to listen to the clip above and let us know how sweet the sound of Carter chomping down on the humble pie was in the comments below.

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