While Rome Is Burning, Caesar Parties Like A Rock Star In Denver

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As America continues to be plagued with scandals and humanitarian crisis, our fearless “leader” Obama decided now would be just as good a time as any to take a trip to the new pot smoking capital of America and party it up like he was still the leader of the “Choom Gang” back in college.

Let’s forget about the escalating war in Iraq, terrorists taking over the Middle East, the VA killing off our vets, Benghazi, the IRS, the jailed Marine in Mexico, the illegal release of five terrorists in exchange for one deserter, the illegal provisions within Obamacare, the upcoming lawsuit for executive overreach, oh and of course the invasion of our Southern border by illegal aliens at the hands of this administration, there’s no better way to solve problems than to party hard with a bunch of burnouts, just like old times right?

As if ignoring all the issues plaguing our nation isn’t bad enough for the narcissist-in-chief, the pictures all made their way to social media and show us that he’s really not concerned with anything but photo-ops. Heaven forbid he actually take the time to visit the border to see the chaos that he’s caused.

Leaked DHS Document Proves Obama Lied About Border Crisis

Maybe one day he might actually think about, perhaps, running the country?

Check it out:

Gotta make the ever-important declaration that he’ll be gracing the great people of Denver with his presence first, right?

Fortunately, not everyone thought it was such a great idea:

Now, for the part of Obama making a complete ass of himself for nifty photo-ops:

Another “beer summit?” What did the governor do that was racist?

Watch Obama’s Response After Being Asked If He Wants A Hit Of Pot

Perhaps one too many beers at this point, this guy is the leader of the free world?

In what world do we live in that someone would actually say this about the president?

Can we PLEASE go back to the days of having a president that actually cared about doing a good job and running the country? This guy is too much.

New Report Reveals Exactly How Much The Obama’s Vacations Have Cost Americans

[H/T: BizPac]

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