Jerry Sandusky’s Adopted Son About Sexual Abuse: ‘At Bedtime His Ritual Began’

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In his first television appearance since his father was convicted in 2012, Jerry Sandusky’s adopted son will open up about the years of sexual abuse from his pedophile father in an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Thursday night at 9 p.m., Matthew Sandusky will reveal the horrors he faced as a child on the OWN network when he shares “a deeply personal account of the grooming, methodical control and manipulation he faced as a child.”

“At bedtime, his ritual began,” he says the 30-second preview of the show.

Matthew will also respond “to the accusations his adoptive mother, Dottie Sandusky, made on national television accusing him of lying and stealing from the family.”

His story first became public when a 29-minute interview with police during the middle of his father’s trial was leaked to NBC. In the tape, he said that his father would come into his room at night and “blow raspberries” on his stomach while moving his hand down his body, rubbing up against his genitals.

At times, Matthew said, he would cower “in the fetal position” in his bed to avoid the advances from his father.

Matthew said that he was molested for a total of seven years, between the ages of eight and fifteen, at the hands of his pedophile father. However he had denied there being any abuse before he finally came forward and spoke out.

In an interview for a documentary at the Sundance Film Festival back in January, Matthew told of how he felt “betrayed” by the entire Sandusky family when he made the choice to reveal what his father had done. However he says that he refused to be a “coward” and risked everything he had to speak out against the very people who adopted him from a deprived life and brought him into a more than affluent household.

Since his father’s conviction, Matthew has petitioned to legally change his name along with the names of his wife and four children, and also has settled in a lawsuit with Penn State University.

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