Liberals Are Using This Video To Try To Prove “Kids Can Cure Racism”

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In an incredible video, a boy was recently recorded returning to class after being out sick for an entire week. The fellow kindergartners in his class were more than ecstatic upon his arrival and come through with a truly heartwarming moment.

Of course, as the boy was black, and a large majority of his classmates white, liberals have since been trying to use the video in a viral attempt to claim that, “kids can cure racism.”

The initiative came from his father who actually recorded the video and posted it to his social media account with the caption reading, “I love this, #Proudfather. Kids can end racism. This video proves that racism is taught. These little clips may change the way we think about each other as adults.”


Now of course we all know there will always be bigots, and with that some form of racism, but this #proudfather, is actually the root cause of racism today. Bringing up racism, when it should be nowhere in the conversation is completely ridiculous and asinine.

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Racism is taught – and the fact that this dad put up a caption involving racism on a video that in and of itself would have been heartwarming all by itself shows that some are taught to look for racism where ever they can.

Furthermore, after a bit of research it was also discovered that the video may have been entirely staged to boot as well. Another video, released on another video sharing site, with the same boy, in different clothes, is seen getting the same response from his “non-racist” classmates.

Take a peek at that video below:

So what do you guys think – how ridiculous is it that Liberals find the need to stage a video in order to push a hypocritical agenda? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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