What Liberals Are Doing Now To Manipulate Gun Control Will Make Your Blood Boil

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Liberals have been demonizing guns in every way they can under the directive of Attorney General Eric Holder in an attempt to completely pervert the general mindset on firearms. It seems that their newest attempt is though Hollywood and big box office movie releases as anti-gun subtext is blatantly thrown into the film to progress leftist agenda.

Seeing how Obama has even been putting pressure on Hollywood to try and influence society, it should be no shock that the mindless sheep follow his direction without question. After all, during a recent meeting with Dreamworks, he relayed about guns, “We gotta make sure that we’re not glorifying it.” He then conveyed that Hollywood has a, “big responsibility,” because, “the stories you tell shape our children’s outlook and their lives.”

A movie soon to hit the big screen, and the newest of tool of gun-grabber agenda, “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” is the latest in gun demonizing ploys. Variety’s Guy Lodge explained, “You’d have to be pretty obtuse to miss the pro-gun-control subtext attached to misdeeds on both sides of the man-monkey battle.”

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Of course, despite the scenario being highly unlikely, apes are able to rouse up a revolution and acquire firearms to do so. Of course the movie demonstrates the “disastrous consequence” of such an occurrence, but really ends up shooting themselves in the foot with this one.

Now of course, no one really wants bloodshed or a revolution for that matter, but who comes out the loser in all this? Mankind – a.k.a. the former rulers of the world, and what a pity that would be if the lowly oppressed had guns to thrust the hypocritical and greedy elites from their self proclaimed thrones.

Either way, Erick Erickson, relays:

“The 2nd Amendment, contrary to much of today’s conversation, has just as much to do with the people protecting themselves from tyranny as it does burglars. That is why there is so little common ground about assault rifles — even charitably ignoring the fact that there really is no such thing. If the 2nd Amendment is to protect the citizenry from even their own government, then the citizenry should be able to be armed.”

The movie, although used as a pawn in the anti-gun agenda, actually goes to prove why guns and the Second Amendment are such crucial necessities here in America and worldwide. Tyranny only progresses easier if gun aren’t allowed, a notion the current administration seems hell bent on making a reality.

It only goes to show how petty Liberals are that they must stoop to manipulation to get what they want.

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