California Man Banned From Flying American Flag INSIDE His Apartment

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A California man has found himself puzzled after he was told he couldn’t display his American flag inside his apartment window, but management wouldn’t give him a reason why.

“The American flag, it means to me freedom,” Steve Roberts told 10News.

Roberts is a proud patriot, whose father served in the U.S. military for over 25 years. A year ago he bought and American flag and hung it inside his apartment across the front window.

“I didn’t think I would have a problem. None of my neighbors have complained to me, and I asked the previous management for approval,” he said.

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He showed 10News a copy of his lease, which didn’t say anything about interior decorations, only those displayed on the outside of his home. While the lease states “No decorations, signs, or lettering may be exhibited or fixed outside of the resident’s apartment,” Roberts’ flag hangs inside his apartment window and is covered by the blinds most of the time.

His issues began when his complex was taken over by new management in April, when they threatened to force him to move if he didn’t remove the flag.

“Apparently, the FDC management group doesn’t like me flying the American flag or displaying it. When I went to renew my lease in April, I was told by the lady in the leasing office that the district manager told them if I took down the flag they would renew my lease; until then I could only be month to month,” said Roberts.

What’s worse, is that when 10News went to speak to the management at the leasing office, the door was locked and nobody would answer.

Now Roberts faces evicted and is frustrated over the ridiculous request from management.

“It’s just wrong; you can’t tell someone what they can and cannot have displayed inside their own place and it’s the American flag in America,” he said.

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