Senate Democrats Pass Pro-Second Amendment Bill?

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In today’s times of a gridlocked Congress and partisanship the worst it’s ever been, not to mention the all-out assault on gun rights from the left, hearing that a bill was brought to the Senate floor that was actually in favor of the Second Amendment and passed is nothing short of miraculous. Just don’t get too excited yet, it’s probably not what you think.

With the approval of a whopping 82 Senators – in other words bipartisan support – the Senate approved a bill that would use federal funding to encourage target shooting on private land and exempt lead ammunition from the EPA’s strict pollution guidelines, which many believed would be this administration’s back-door gun control.

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In a move that’s sure to make liberal heads explode with tears (which is a good thing so we can lubricate our shiny new guns), the “Bipartisan Sportsman’s Act of 2014” aims to “protect and enhance opportunities for recreational hunting, fishing, and shooting” by stating that shooting ranges on public land can be used for target practice and it also exempts shotgun pellets and bullets from the strict rules intended to limit the use of lead.

Oddly enough(not really), the measure was sponsored by North Carolina Democrat Kay Hagen who faces an uphill battle in her home state for reelection. The list of Democrats who supported the bill also match the same type of scenario that Hagen finds herself in trying to stave off Republicans who are favored to win in 2014.

The bill text says that “increased federal support” is necessary in order to “promote enjoyment of shooting, recreational, and hunting activities.” Included in this support is the states being authorized to acquire new land to build shooting ranges as well as build them on federal territory within their state, with the best part being that the feds will absorb up to “90% of the cost of the activity,” see why liberals are going to have a fit?

Adam Weinstein from Gawker is already unhappy with the measure, and he writes in a piece titled “Senate Approves Federal Welfare for Second Amendment Men:”

“The National Shooting Sports Foundation, a pro-gun group based in Newtown, Connecticut, spoke for its co-religionists in the NRA and other gun-industry lobbyists in hailing the act as ‘simply the most important package of measures for the benefit of sportsmen in a generation.’”

Again, as we watch liberal heads explode over something actually in favor of our natural rights, we’ll have an excellent reminder that they’re all about the government spending money – as long as it’s on the things they like.

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