Watch Secret Service Agents Arrest “Uncle Sam” After He Threatens Obama

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Seeing how many rights have been infringed upon, it would seem extremely stupid to publicly threaten Obama via video and then throw the clip up on your social media account. One man, who has since been dubbed “Uncle Sam,” found this out the hard way and was recently arrested.

54-year-old Deryke Pfeifer reportedly posted a video on his personal Facebook page in which he claimed he was, “speaking for God,” and was, “going to kill Obama for turning on him.” Needless to say, just yesterday, he had a knock at the door from Secret Service who swiftly arrested him and charged him with making threats against the president – a felony.

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This isn’t the first time the odd man has made threats on the president’s life as in an earlier post he sat with a glock in his lap. “Obama, sir, you feel all that heat, Obama? I just let you see that to let you know that I got it. Constitution give me the right to bear arms, sir.”

Although we may understand his sentiment and frustration with the President, do you think Pfeifer took it a bit too far?

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