Disabled Vet Was Banned From A FOURTH OF JULY Parade

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Every year on Independence Day, Americans across the country celebrate our freedom and honor the brave men and women who have served our nation to protect it. Unfortunately for one community in Minnesota, politics are more important than allowing a disabled veteran to exercise his rights to free speech.

The Examiner reports that Charlie Makidon was hoping to pass out literature at the International Falls parade that detailed how U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan had voted against veterans time and time again, the perfect venue right? Nolan, a Democrat, claims to be on the side of vets and says that he’s a staunch advocate for our military men and women, which is exactly why Makidon spent so much of his own time and money to let others know the truth.

When the parade’s organizer Kevin Adee caught wind that Makidon was going to be there it didn’t take long for him to inform him that he wasn’t welcomed.

Koochiching County Republican Party Chairman Terry Stone found out that the former Disabled American Veteran’s commander wasn’t going to be allowed to participate and decided to investigate the matter. When he approached Adee to find out what his reasoning was, the answers he receieved were far from acceptable.

Adee told Stone that since the parade was a “family event” Makidon couldn’t take part in political activity. Outraged, the party chair told him that the Constitution is directly tied to the American family.

Stone told the Examiner about his concerns in an interview.

“I guess the First Amendment’s protections don’t extend all the way to the Canadian border,” he said.

Stone said that freedom of speech is an integral part of American freedom, and a such should be the focus of any event on Independence Day.

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