Bar’s Dress Code Attacked As ‘Racist,’ They ‘Might as Well Say No Black Folks Allowed’

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A night club in Minneapolis trying to make sure its patrons are well dressed on their night out is now being attacked as “racist” because they seem to think that black people are incapable of dressing presentably.

KSMP reports that Bar Louie posted their dress code, which bars customers in “flat bill hats,” “excessively baggy clothing,” “long plain white T-shirts,” or that are wearing “large chains.”

Apparently, quite a few people seem to think the new dress code is racist, even though most every night club has something similar.

Michelle Horovitz, who’s white and lives in the area, said that their policy is “ridiculous.”

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“Might as well just say, ‘No black folks allowed,’” she said. “It’s ridiculous.

“Minnesota might be the nicest, healthiest, cleanest state in America, but we have huge issues as far as segregation, racism, systematic oppression — and people want to look the other way,” She said. “This is not OK, and we’re not going to patronize you if you don’t change your policy.”

“If you do not want African-Americans to frequent your establishment, then maybe you should just say that and not just break it down to the dress code,” another man said.

Of course, the liberal media is having a field day with the new dress codes, however it’s really nothing more than asking people to dress like adults when patronizing an upscale night club. After all, if someone doesn’t like it, they can always choose to not go to Bar Louie, but then again most liberals don’t understand such simple logic.

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