Democrats Nominate Latina Gang Member For Governor To Appeal To Hispanics

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Democrats love identity politics, in fact their entire platform is based on that very concept. So their recent nomination to run in the lieutenant governor’s race for Nevada falls right in line with their party’s strategy so that they can appeal to the Latin community both in Nevada and across the country, even though she has a history of poor judgment.

34-year-old Lucy Flores is currently on the state assembly for Nevada, and just received the nod from the Democrat party to run in the race for lieutenant governor. She’s also a high school dropout, former gang member, juvenile inmate, and had an abortion at the age of 16, what more could the party of delinquents ask for?

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If Democrats have their way, she’ll win the upcoming election and be well on her way to be the most high-profile Hispanic Democrat in America. If she’s able to win the election for lieutenant governor, she’ll take over the seat of governor when Gov. Brian Sandoval likely vacates his seat to challenge incumbent Harry Reid for his Senate seat.

“Demographically, she’s perfect: Young, dynamic, Hispanic,” Harry Reid has said.

“Our young women can be able to actually look at the governor’s mansion and see that there is a woman – a woman of color – who was actually able to come from District 28 and become the governor of Nevada.”

Flores had a troubled past before she went to college and eventually was elected to the state legislature. She was born into a family of 13 children and had repeated run-ins with the law while affiliating with gangs and flunking out of school.

When she hit her teen years, Flores started failing out of her classes and hanging out with various gang members. She eventually started to commit crimes such as theft and she ran away from home several times.


She would also steal a car so she could drive to the store and steal beer. When police tried to pull her over, she nailed the gas and took off.

They caught her, and she spent the majority of the next year in a juvenile detention facility before being released when she was 15 years old.

When she was 16 she became pregnant, but rather than be like the rest of her sisters who were all pregnant in their teens, one of which was 14 and had twins, she begged her parents to pay for her abortion.

Now she uses her troubled past to appeal to her base, and hopes to become as popular for the Democrats as Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are for Republicans.

If she gets the governor’s seat, by either filling the expected vacancy or winning in the 2018 elections, she’ll become the most high-profile Hispanic Democrat in America.

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[H/T: MailOnline]

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