Anti-Gun Chicago Celebrates Independence Day With 82 People Shot

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We all on the right seem to be in touch with the reality that gun control does absolutely nothing but empower criminals – case in point: Chicago. Over the most recently holiday weekend, despite Liberals recently celebrating crime rates hitting an all time low in the city, authorities spent the treacherous few days cleaning up the blood of 82 separate victims off the streets of the windy city.

Of those 82 shot, 11 have been declared dead thus far and police have since explained the need to crack down on gun violence within the confines of the city. Why they weren’t doing that before this point is beyond me.

Perhaps one of the earlier shootings of the weekend occurred on Friday night where a military veteran shot at a street thug who opened fire on him and his group of friends. The veteran was said to be leaving a party with two other friends when Denzel A Mickiel, 22, opened fired on the group prompting the former military man’s response.

Although the vet did injure his assailant, he is reported to be in the hospital in critical condition.

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Surprisingly, those in charge aren’t quite blaming the guns themselves this time, but the criminal activity that has entirely consumed the city. According to Security consultant Ross Rice, “I think that is representative of the gang, drug, gun violence problem that still persists in Chicago.”

Furthermore he went on to say, “It’s not a law enforcement problem solely. There’s not going to be a law enforcement solution to this. You can’t arrest your way out of gang violence.”

Michael Pfleger, an anti-gun crime activist, echoed Rice’s concerns conveying, “With these kind of numbers in Chicago, from the White House on down to the city there should be a response: What do we do? How do we stop this? We’re celebrating independence, but we feel like we’re in prison. It’s unacceptable. We wouldn’t accept it in Iraq, we shouldn’t accept in it Chicago.”

What do you guys think – isn’t it high time those in charge start to distinguish between the root problem rather than the tools used to perpetrate the crimes? Let us know your thoughts on the windy city’s turmoil this weekend in the comments below.

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