Students Suing University Over Highly Illegal Gun Ban

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The gun rights group Students for Concealed Carry is suing Ohio State University for the illegal anti-gun policy it maintains at the campus that prevents students from carrying guns when they’re not even on school property, which the group says violates state laws.

SFCC isn’t fighting the law which states students aren’t allowed to bring their weapons on to campus, since it says they can as long as they’re left in a locked vehicle. Instead, they’re contesting the school’s policy that forbids students from being able to bring guns on the property for any reason at all.

According to the lawyers for the groups named in the suit, SFCC and Ohioans for Concealed Carry, public universities can’t trump state law and go further with gun control than the state has.

Derek DeBrosse, who’s one of the lawyers for the groups, said that the Ohio Revised Code make it clear that only the legislature can regulate the possession of firearms. “Ohio State’s policies are in direct violation of the law, he said.

Along with not allowing students to bring their guns to school even if they’re locked in their vehicles, the policy also states that students may not bring them to off-campus activities that are officially sponsored by the school. This is in spite of the fact that state law specifically allows both.

Ohio State University has employed the failed liberal logic that “gun free zones” make people safer, even though most mass shootings occur in those very zones. However Zachary Zalneraitis, who’s the director of public relations for SFCC, doesn’t agree with the backwards logic the school has utilized.

“Universities typically did not allow concealed carry in the past, but in the places where it has been implemented, we haven’t seen the doom and gloom that [administrators] predicted,” he said.

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